2020 Foals Expected by JL Sirocco, JL Reddy To Charm, JL Sheriff


JL Yellowstone, Gray Colt--JL Sheriff x Hills Dashs Cutie, March 25
JL Accomplice, Sorrel Filly, stripe, 3 stockings--JL Sheriff x JL Antares, April 7
JL Katie B, Sorrel Filly--JL Sheriff x Katies Fire, April 21
JL One Rocs Enough, Sorrel Colt--JL Sirocco x JL Enough Already, April 26--SOLD
JL Syrah, Chestnut Filly--JL Sheriff x JL Cyan, April 29
JL ThirdRocFromDaSun, Sorrel Filly--JL Sirocco x The Best You Seis (ET), May 3--SOLD
JL Miss Me Already, Gray Filly--JL Reddy To Charm x JL Twisted Sister (ET), May 3
JL Shirley Temple, Bay Filly--JL Sirocco x JL Cherry Coke, May 4
JL Cinco De Mayo, Sorrel Colt--JL Reddy To Charm x JL Sienna, May 5
JL Betty Rubble, Sorrel Filly, Blaze and 2 hind socks--JL Sirocco x Bams Bug (ET), May 9
JL Vegas Wynn, Bay Filly--JL Reddy To Charm x JL Siri (ET), May 12
JL Unbelievabull, Sorrel Colt--JL Sirocco x Dr Nicks Miss Bully, May 23
JL Vegas Encore, Bay Filly--JL Reddy To Charm x JL Siri (ET), May 25
JL Rochound, Sorrel Colt--JL Sirocco x French Pistol Anie, June 3
JL Twisted Ginger, Sorrel filly--JL Reddy To Charm x JL Twisted Sister, June 5
JL Red By A Thread, Gray Gelding--JL Sirocco x Stitchofred, June 6