2017 Foals JL Sirocco, Ivory James, Reddy To Charm, French Streaktovegas, and French Streaktorodeo


Bay filly born February 6 by JL Sirocco x KR Remember Me--JL Hot Rocs Bay colt wih blaze, born February 24 by Ivory James x Aquire A Fire--JL James Youre Fired Bay colt born March 18 by Ivory James x JL Antares--JL Albescent
Lost A Sock
Sorrel colt born March 31 by JL Sirocco x Reddy To Rebound-- JL Roc Lost A Sock Sorrel filly born April 25 4:30am by JL Sirocco x JL Letta Lady Do It--JL This Lady Rocs Gray colt born April 7 by JL Reddy To Charm x River Full Of Cash--JL Reddy For Cash
Bay filly born April 9 6:40pm by JL Sirocco x JL Antares--JL Amelia
Sorrel colt with blaze and hind socks born May 7 by JL Sirocco x French Pistol Anie--JL Roc Flinger
Sorrel filly born April 10 at 5:30am by
JL Sirocco x JL Antares--JL Alexia
Black colt born April 29 at 12:04am by JL Reddy To Charm x Abbey Nick Bar--JL Reddy For The Bar
Brown colt born May 30 by JL Reddy To Charm
x JL Seraphina-- JL I Will Be Reddy
Sorrel (roan) filly born May 12 by French Streaktorodeo x JL Cyan--JL Cadence
Sorrel filly born April 6 by JL Sirocco x Miss Twist Bug--JL I LuvCheapthrills, will be offered at the BFA Sale in Oklahoma.